May 2019 release

Published by Daylight Books

with essay by Jon Lee Anderson

Reviews in Musée Magazine, F-Stop Magazine

The Cuban community has long coped with challenges through ingenuity resulting in a rich culture that has flourished in spite of material scarcity. Yet the emergence of new economic freedoms in recent years means Cubans can now further embrace their enterprising spirit. Hopes & Dreams from Cuba, which publishes during the 60th anniversary year of the Cuban Revolution, features Hilary Duffy’s intimate photographs of the everyday lives of the Cuban people taken from 1999-2017. The book highlights a pivotal time of change in Cuba as it is challenged to uphold its social values and unique identity.  Duffy’s vibrant images of the bustling street life are presented along with her formal portraits accompanied by transcribed interviews with Cubans sharing their hopes, dreams and aspirations. The New Yorker staff writer Jon Lee Anderson’s essay SurvivaI in a State of Flux provides an historical context for Duffy’s photographs. The texts in the book are published in English and Spanish.

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